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Saturday, May 31, 2014

In Love with Eve Lom

As a face care brand this is the Crème de la Crème, this is obviously reflected in the price of the products which is a little steep but the products last for ages. Below are my favourite products to use.

They're cleanser is the dream, it is so easy to apply and with the gentle exfoliation your skin feels so refreshed, smooth and thoroughly cleansed. Using their specifically designed muslin cloth for removal makes it one of the easiest skincare routines to stick to. What is great about this product is that there are no toners involved, it is a 1 stop shop! By using the muslin cloth you gently exfoliate your skin which encourages improved circulation resulting in healthier looking skin. Tip:I usually throw the cloths into the washing machine to keep them clean.

Eve Lom rescue mask is what I apply to my face once a week, it is usually a Thursday night, perhaps I do it subconsciously in preparation for the weekend. A weekly mask is a must for your skin, although you are cleaning it everyday this gives it the true TLC that it longs for as well as a deep clean. I find it also is the perfect product to use after a long flight when your skin is in need of help and a pick me up. My mum gave me the mask for my birthday in November and I have been using it weekly and find that it is the best mask I have ever used.

The other product I love is the Eve Lom hand cream. I have found that I have been using hand cream a lot more over the last year perhaps it is because I am now in my mid twenties and more aware of all things to do with my skin. I am sure you all know the saying that no matter how young your face looks your hands will always give away your age! This cream has a built in SPF so you can apply it in the morning but I find that the easiest thing to do is to leave it beside my bed and put it on before I go to sleep. This means you are getting the most out of the product as it is given the time to get to work instead of being interrupted by your daily routine, although there is not much need for SPF when you are in bed.

As the price tag is quite high my suggestion would be request the items as a gift for your Birthday or Christmas as you are a lot less likely to purchase it yourself due to the price. I think that these few bits are worth spending a little bit more money on and feel that you can justify spending the money on your skin as you can get rid of a top or a dress but you cant just buy a new face.

Enjoy and thanks for reading. BB xx



Friday, May 30, 2014

Essie Obsessed

One thing I love about summer is getting to wear more colourful nail varnishes. I am completely obsessed with Essie and their new Summer 2014 collection. They are just amazing and I am already picturing what outfits I can wear them with. I have to admit I occasionally bite my nails due to a stressful day in work and I regret it every single time, as well as feeling that  utter disappointment in myself I have to look at them for at least a week before they look in anyway presentable again. Nothing worse than unkempt nails! I find it much easier to keep my nails if they are painted, I suppose why would you ruin them if they look pretty.I really think nails can take away from an outfit. You could be head to toe in designer gear and if you have neglected your hands or feet the outfit automatically turns grubby and unattractive,maybe I am being slightly dramatic, but I don't think it can be argued! Talking as an occasional nail biter I know the above is true.

Every girl knows that nails are a simple way of completing an outfit and showing off your jewelry. I also think that wearing bright colours like the below look even better with a glow. As the sun is yet to arrive in Ireland I have recently been wearing some tan on my hands to show off the colourful polishes on my nails. The one I find easiest is Rimmel Sun Shimmer, I use medium shimmer and find that this best suits my skin tone. It is easily applied and is also found on offer quite regularly which is great, it gives you the natural glow that everyone wants and not the fluorescent orange streaky look everyone wants to avoid.

Avenue Maintain

 I have found it hard to locate Essie polishes in Ireland and most of the places that do have them they are €15 while they can be bought through the Essie website for a lot less, the problem is they don't ship to Ireland. #firstworldproblems. I am determined to get my hands on the newest range. In the meantime this is what Essie Avenue Maintain looks like. A little weekday pick me up to me from me!

 I went to 5th Avenue on Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, their mini mani is only €10 and is a great little treat. I have been a few times to this salon and find that the girls are very good. I am yet to try the salon for a pedicure but when I do I will let you know how I get on. Look after your nails girls!


Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.

Love BB xx


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lunch Glorious Lunch

It is time for another food review! Lunch as we all know is a tricky situation, everywhere is usually packed with the lunch time hustle and bustle and unless you want the average sandwich it is always hard to find somewhere which serves yummy food.  Today I'm reviewing two places I have been to for lunch this week. The Fumbally I know you guys probably think I am giving it a lot of air time but it honestly deserves it. The food is so fresh and tasty and it is so close to both my home and the office it is somewhere I go on a weekly basis. I love their everyday menu but love to try out their specials whenever possible. Below is a mix of specials and what is on offer from their current menu.

Avoacdo on Rustic Toast

Special Roast Chicken Sandwich

Special Crab Papardelle

Pulled Porchetta Sandwich

 Next up is Dakota, with this gorgeous sunshine we felt we had to take advantage and sit out and enjoy it. I had eaten once before in Dakota but hadn't been back in a long time, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at what was served up. Myself and my friend both ordered salads, bikini bodies in mind and they were both very tasty. The food was a little slow to come out but the waitress apologized for this and when it came out it was freshly cooked and quite appetizing, it probably helped that we were both starving! There is nothing worse than ordering a chicken salad to find that it is processed, packet bought chicken and this chicken was definitely not processed. It was flavoursome and well seasoned. The only comment I would have is that we both ordered large salads, as mentioned we were quite hungry but the salads were not all that big.


Classic Chicken Caesar

BBQ Chicken Salad

The Fumbally 

Hopefully the pictures have been enough to entice you! I know I am hungry again after looking at all of my photos.

Enjoy and thanks for reading.

BB xx

Monday, May 26, 2014

Dreamy Denim

I love how denim has become more daring over the last few years and people are not afraid to wear all types of patterns. I think that they are a great addition to your wardrobe but you need to wear them with block colours, otherwise it is overkill! I also love coloured jeans as I have mentioned before in previous posts, they are definitely not as exciting as patterned jeans but they still stand out and are a good staple for the Spring / Summer season. I have found some unreal denim pieces from all different shops and wanted to share them with you. I have many of these sitting in multiple online shopping baskets waiting for the much needed pay day to arrive so they can be purchased.

I have mostly picked denim jeans as that's what I liked most and seeing as I wear them most days of the week I really feel they are an everyday essential :). I must not forget to mention that there are a few key denim staples like the denim jacket, the denim shirt that can really pull a look together. The below are all high street pieces with the exception of the 2 x pairs of shorts which are available in Ireland both online and in store. Links below.

Topshop Pineapple Print Jeans

Topshop Mini Swallow Jeans

Topshop Tile Print Jeans - also available in other colours

ONE Teaspoon shorts

Zara Lilac Jeans

Oasis Alina Jacquard Shirt

Topshop White Ripped Leigh Jeans
Custom Vintage Daisy Chain

Custom Vintage 
One Teaspoon

I must look a little Topshop obsessed but I have to say their jeans just fit me so well I always go back to them, also the jeans I found are to die for so even if I wasn't an avid Topshop jean follower I would still give these a try. I promise to post an outfit or two from these picks in the coming weeks.


BB xx


Friday, May 23, 2014

Juniors Juniors Juniors


I promised a few weeks back that I would do a full review on Juniors restaurant. It has been one of our usual haunts for the last number of years. Although we have tried numerous other places in Dublin Juniors have never let us down and you are always guaranteed a good feed. My love with Juniors started in my last year of college where we would pop down for lunch on a regular basis. After several months we decided to try it for dinner and fell in love. The food that is served is divine! 

I came straight from work so I was just wearing jeans a top and summer sandals.

This Toonsbridge Mozarella starter is delicious, on a thick piece of tasty char-grilled bread with seasoned tomatoes.

Pint of prawns is one of the starters that is always on the menu and it is a great one for sharing.

I have been eating a lot more fish recently, I always find that my appetite for seafood increases in the Summer. It is so much lighter on the system and can be so tasty. The above was fresh Seabream with mixed veg and potatoes and a tasty salsa verde.

This was the special of the evening, fish with shellfish stew, the idea of shellfish stew put me off as it was such a nice evening when we were there but when it came it was delicious and not what I had pictured when I pictured stew.

And this is the pièce de résistance - the Salted caramel desert, it is so beautiful and gooey. Made up of chocolate, caramel and peanuts. I wouldn't be one for snickers but this is similar to a snickers bar but one hundred times better - that is not an exaggeration!

Anyone coming to Dublin definitely has to give it a try. The staff are so friendly and the food is so good it would be a shame to miss it.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

Love BB xx

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adios Winter!

As I work in an industry which allows casual work clothes you can really mix it up everyday, my outfit usually is picked depending on three influential factors 1.My mood 2. The Weather 3. What is ready to wear. My trusty iPhone usually helps me decide what shoes I wear pretty much everyday, it has of course let me down and I have found myself running home in flip flops without an umbrella in the rain, I am sure it is amusing for the passers by!! At first I thought this idea of casual clothes was amazing and a great escape from the pencil skirts, shirts and heels that I had become accustom to but now my "weekend" clothes are mixed with my work clothes and it is hard to keep things separate. 

On a daily basis I find myself wearing jeans, mostly black jeans, Topshop high waist Jamies are the dream but with the Spring / Summer season upon us I intend to pull out the coloured jeans as much as possible. This look is a very casual look and I am wearing my trusty denim jeans. 

This was one of the first days I felt it was warm enough to wear pumps and a blazer instead of a coat and we all know in Ireland you need to take advantage of these days with the highly changeable weather. The below look is a mix of neutral colours and both high street and designer pieces. This is definitely a relaxed look and was achieved without putting a lot of effort in.

The day ended with dinner and a bottle of wine explaining the photo above!

Outfit Details

Blazer: H&M
Jeans: Hollister
Camel Jumper: Zara
Pumps: Aldo
Sunglasses: Moschino
Bag: Prada
Mix of Tiffany and Thomas Sabo Jewelry

 Love BB xx


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Food for Thought

So last week I tried two new restaurants and I have to say I wasn't overly impressed,don't get me wrong I would go back but there was nothing about them that I would be raving to friends about and telling them that we absolutely have to go and try it out. The first was the Exchequer Wine Bar in Ranelagh, I went with my good friend Ailbhe and we both said we wouldn't be racing back. We got a selection of tapas between the two of us and a glass of wine each, it was a Tuesday after all! The cocktail menu I just loved, it had such character and so many choices. Some of the dishes we had were better than others but it does have a nice atmosphere and I like the interior decor. The staff were very attentive so I cant fault them on that. I think when I go back it will be for the cocktails as they looked pretty good!

Glass of Rose

Chorizo Lollipops with garlic aioli & Jamon Iberico and Manchego croquettes
Drinks menu

Potted smoked mackerel pate

 I also tried Beeftro in Dundrum for the first time last week. Thursday evening was unbelievable and we were lucky enough to be able to sit outside and enjoy the unusually warm evening. Beeftro has a few lovely touches and you can see whoever is behind it has a bit of style. The napkins, the place mats etc were all fab and really added to the experience. The menu is mostly meat as the name suggests but they had a few fish options for both starters and mains which sounded good and were fresh. The food was tasty and for 4 of us with wine and a mix of starters and mains it came in under €100 which was good.

Wood fire grilled fresh Trout with side salad and charred lemon

Spanish Squid

Spicy Chicken wings with blue cheese dip

Links above for both restaurants. In brief, the Exchequer is good for a girly catch up and a few cocktails and Beeftro is good for a date or a group of friends both male and female.

Love BB xx
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