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Saturday, May 31, 2014

In Love with Eve Lom

As a face care brand this is the Crème de la Crème, this is obviously reflected in the price of the products which is a little steep but the products last for ages. Below are my favourite products to use.

They're cleanser is the dream, it is so easy to apply and with the gentle exfoliation your skin feels so refreshed, smooth and thoroughly cleansed. Using their specifically designed muslin cloth for removal makes it one of the easiest skincare routines to stick to. What is great about this product is that there are no toners involved, it is a 1 stop shop! By using the muslin cloth you gently exfoliate your skin which encourages improved circulation resulting in healthier looking skin. Tip:I usually throw the cloths into the washing machine to keep them clean.

Eve Lom rescue mask is what I apply to my face once a week, it is usually a Thursday night, perhaps I do it subconsciously in preparation for the weekend. A weekly mask is a must for your skin, although you are cleaning it everyday this gives it the true TLC that it longs for as well as a deep clean. I find it also is the perfect product to use after a long flight when your skin is in need of help and a pick me up. My mum gave me the mask for my birthday in November and I have been using it weekly and find that it is the best mask I have ever used.

The other product I love is the Eve Lom hand cream. I have found that I have been using hand cream a lot more over the last year perhaps it is because I am now in my mid twenties and more aware of all things to do with my skin. I am sure you all know the saying that no matter how young your face looks your hands will always give away your age! This cream has a built in SPF so you can apply it in the morning but I find that the easiest thing to do is to leave it beside my bed and put it on before I go to sleep. This means you are getting the most out of the product as it is given the time to get to work instead of being interrupted by your daily routine, although there is not much need for SPF when you are in bed.

As the price tag is quite high my suggestion would be request the items as a gift for your Birthday or Christmas as you are a lot less likely to purchase it yourself due to the price. I think that these few bits are worth spending a little bit more money on and feel that you can justify spending the money on your skin as you can get rid of a top or a dress but you cant just buy a new face.

Enjoy and thanks for reading. BB xx



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