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Friday, June 20, 2014

Brunch with the girls

Happy Friday everyone! We are that bit closer to the weekend. I always like to have something planned for the weekend and brunch is usually one of the things on my list.

Over the last number of years I have found it increasingly difficult to meet up with friends, mainly due to people being at different stages, hectic work schedules, boyfriends etc. My solution for this is brunch - who doesn't love going for brunch? It is the perfect time for a girly catch up and is so relaxing not to mention it involves food, one of my favorite things. I adore going on a Sunday, usually after a night out  when all you need is some food and a good catch up with your friends. Most of the time we end up in Ranelagh in Dublin purely as there is so many choices of places to go. I was yet to try Dillingers so we decided to grace it with our presence!

We hadn't booked a table in advance but decided to wing it and we were lucky to bag the last three stools at the bar. It was jam packed with a great buzz. We all decided to try something different and try each others out, I love having a 
little taste of everything when I am trying somewhere new.

The omlette was a tasty yet healthy option, I must admit it was my friend who ordered this and not me.

The huevos rancheros is not something I would usually order but seen as we were all getting something different and this sounded good I thought I would give it a shot. Topped with beans, cheese, avocado and and oozing fried egg it definitely hit the spot. If you are not a jalapeno fan don't fret - you can always ask for the dish without them. I for sure am not one for jalapenos but my sharing partner was so we got them.

We also ordered the American style stacked pancakes topped with bacon and maple syrup. These were tasty but I really think I am more of a crêpe type of gal. They were that bit too heavy and there was definitely not enough maple syrup, then again I do have a sweet tooth.

I am glad we tried it and we had such a good laugh but I wouldn't be racing back for the food, it was tasty but not amazing. The hunt is on for the best brunch in Dublin!

Love BB xx

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