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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Cooking in the Country

Last weekend was the June bank holiday in Ireland and we decided to get out of Dublin and head down to the country. The sun was out in force for Friday and Saturday but our visit to the beach on Sunday the sun didn't shine :(. What I love about getting out of Dublin is that you instantly relax.

We ate like kings and queens for the weekend feasting on fresh local seafood, it just doesn't get any better than that. I am a huge seafood fan. Although we ate out I have to say I love eating in and when your Dad is an unbelievable chef and your Mum the best commis chef it is hard to beat the home cooking.

I was in charge of the nibbles, making sure every ones drinks were topped up and that the candles were all lighting, all very difficult jobs!! I like to watch my Dad cook it is the best way to learn and I always pick up at least one tip.This is where my love of food came from and I am happy to have learnt from the best.

I made up this little platter for a nibble in the early evening. It is so easy to do and looks really well. It is a handy one if you are having guests over. You just need the right ingredients. I used caramelized onion hummus, locally made pesto and the most divine olive oil from Lucca in Italy. For dipping you need fresh prosciutto and warm bread just out of the oven. I love these little dishes and spoons from Meadows and Byrne.

I also put out a few vegetable crisps, they are tasty and you  they are the healthier option than normal crisps. I put them with a chive and cheese dip which is not as healthy but it is a great mix!

A nice glass of vino is always necessary and tastes even better with an amazing sunset.

These poor little guys were cooked until they were a bright red colour. They were delicious, they had only been caught earlier that day by a local fisherman, it doesn't get much fresher than that. We had a surf and turf dinner one night and a lobster pasta dish for our lunch before heading back up to Dublin. Both dishes were insanely delicious and such a nice treat, eating lobster out is usually a complete and utter robbery so it is always avoided. You can do so much with lobster at home and you get way more value for money. It is definitely the better option. 

 Lobster + Clarified Butter = Heaven!

We made this easy salad as a side. It is simple to do and delicious you just need Tomato, rocket and mild goats cheese crumbled with a splash of olive oil and pesto and a sprinkling of salt and pepper and hey presto it is complete.

This is how the lobster pasta turned out - I am currently drooling looking at this, it tasted oh so good! What I would do for another bowl of that right now. Hats off to the chefs!

We had an amazing weekend filled with food, fresh air and laughs, roll on our next trip!

Love BB xx


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