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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Aqua in the Altstadt!

I had a few free hours before work started in Germany and tried to take in as much as possible. We just wandered around taking in the Altstadt which is the Old Town and the Königsallee area which has all of the designer shops and what is gorgeous about Königsallee is the canal running through the boulevards.

I was not long off the plane and wanted to be comfy so I just threw on a pair of jeans by Luella satchel which is amazing for traveling and I eventually got to wear my new Zara necklace.

All along the Rhine they had all these gorgeous little food stalls and stylish benches and tents for all of the users. I especially loved the lavender on the table. We got the traditional bratwurst which was delicious.

Sunset in the Old Town was gorgeous especially as we walked along the Rhine and were able to take in all the sights.

I had a great time in Dusseldorf but it definitely was more work than pleasure, I hope to go back again soon.

Love BB xx

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