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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ice - Cream in Dusseldorf!

Yay it's Thursday, 1 step closer to the weekend! I was in Germany last week for work and didn't get a lot of free time but just about managed to see most parts of Germany. One of my favourite things to do is explore and i love coming across little gems off the beaten track. This particular time we came across this gorgeous little ice-cream shop who had the most unusual flavors. The shop itself was so cute and I couldn't get over how cheap it was in comparison to Dublin. My cone was one euro, I thought the girl got it wrong but she didn't. It makes me think about how much we get ripped off in Ireland, gone are the days when a 99 was actually only 99p as its well known name implies!!

I loved how they had all of the toppings displayed on the wall in test tubes!

I really liked this street, I thought the buildings were gorgeous and loved the different colours they were painted.

My ice - cream of choice was Humbeer - also knows as raspberry!

I love the mix of white jeans and a denim shirt teamed with converse! It is such a perfect outfit for an ice-cream adventure :)

Everyone in Germany cycles and now a bike is on my wish list, along with many other things! 

Love BB xx
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