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Friday, July 04, 2014

Weekly Wish List - With a nod to Stars and Stripes

Happy 4th of July!!! As the sales are in full force I thought I would do a SALE ONLY wish list this week. There are so many bargains to be found out there but I must admit sale racks really turn me off browsing and therefore I find myself looking online at all of the sale items and I have found some fabulous pieces! This week there is a big focus on accessories and the bargains you can find are great. Although I am Irish I know that the 4th of July is a big celebration for my American followers so I have included a few items with a nod to Red, Blue and White!

I am in love with the Ray Ban clubmasters and Ray Ban glasses in general. I have a slight obsession with sunglasses and seem to have a particular weakness to Ray Bans. If you feel the same way about the brand as I do you will be over the moon to hear that the Ray Ban Folding Clubmaster sunglasses - these are so on trend and definitely worth the investment especially seen as they are down to €166.17 down from €278.76!

This mango dress is perfect for sightseeing in - I think I am slightly obsessed as the countdown for my trip to New York is on. This is definitely a piece to be worn with cons and a panama hat perhaps with the ray ban club masters??? Thoughts?

I found this gorgeous scarf from Cos perfect for an extra layer or adding some colour to an outfit - I really think that Cos is a really good quality brand and it is not outrageously expensive. 

 Striped Topshop Leigh jeans they seem a bit quirky but everyone needs a quirky pair of pants in their wardrobe priced at fifteen pounds they are definitely worth a try.

These pumps are just so cute now I know you could argue you could find them somewhere else at a cheaper price but I must admit I have one pair of Gucci pumps and they are worn for good occasions and they are just amazing, they are flattering and comfortable. These have been reduced consdierably in price because prior sale I wouldn't have been able to justify the price tag. Now at €180 they are a little bit more reasonable but still on the pricey side.

New Balance - the both stylish and comfortable trainer!  I am mad for all shades of blue so this pair was right up my alley and once again they are on sale Yipppeeee!!!

This Tory Burch bag can double up as a travel tote and beach bag for your holliers. It is a piece that wont go out of fashion and is perfect for that 4th of July party!

These stars and stripes vans are perfect for everyday wear and teamed with a pair of denim shorts and a basic white T you cannot go wrong for casual chic.

I have included all links below for you all.

Topshop Leigh Jeans

Happy reading.

BB xx

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