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Monday, August 18, 2014

A Movie Amongst the Trees

Morning all and happy Monday! I had a great weekend and hope you did too! I find doing something on a Thursday makes the weekend feel like it is that little bit longer. Last Thursday we packed up rugs, chairs, treats and homemade Baileys hot chocolate! We were fully prepared for the outdoor viewing of Dead Poets Society in Merrion Square. These outdoor movies have been happening all through the Summer and we eventually were prepared enough to go. This week was a tribute to Robin Williams so all of the movies on show he starred in. He was such a talent and I was so happy to be able to attend the screening and also give to Pieta House, a great charity. Anyway enough of that, you will see from the pictures we had so much fun, all huddling together to keep warm while sipping on the Baileys hot chocolate, what is better than that!

I can't tell you how delicious this hot chocolate was - we polished off both flasks and we were still looking for more!

Without coordinating our outfits it seemed we all arrived wearing black jeans!

Although are bums were numb and it wasn't as comfy as going to the cinema or being tucked up at home it was nice to do something different and enjoy one of Dublin's many squares.

I love this photo of the four of us Before the movie started we had a nice catch up and laughed like hyenas! Knowing each other so well seems to mean there are no boundaries on what can be said to each other which we like to think is a very good sign of friendship. If others heard us I would say they think we are all so blunt and slag each other non stop!

I hope this post helped with your Monday blues!

Love BB xx


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