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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Pimms O'Clock

This weekend was especially nice as it was the August bank holiday. We headed down the country in search of some sun, sea and fun! We had our annual tennis tournament and to keep everyone refreshed we made a batch of Pimms. It is one of my favourite drinks and a drink that is really only ever enjoyed during Summer.It is so easy to make and really an all time classic, everyone loved it!

We used fresh Wexford strawberries, mint form the garden, oranges and limes and a baton of cucumber was placed in every glass. You can really throw most fruits into it and it will still taste delicious.


Such a fun and easy drink to make and the fruit is so tasty seen as it has been soaked in Pimms. I am not sure if it made the tennis any better though, especially since we guzzled down three jugs of it.

Love BB xx


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