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Friday, August 22, 2014

Sunday Roast on a Friday - Woollen Mills

This week again has been a bit mad and I am slower on getting around to putting up my posts. I love to share a new restaurant with friends once I have tried and tested it myself. We tried out the Woollen Mills for dinner nearly two weeks ago and it has taken me this long to get the post up! Even though I had heard it was good I was a little skeptical, I always am when I am trying new places as there is nothing worse than having to pay for food you were not happy with. On arrival I loved the vibe of the place, very cool interior and it was jammers which is always a great sign. We ordered and elderflower G&T to start, a combination I hadn't seen on a cocktail menu before.

I had heard good things about the crab claws and they also came as a recommendation from one of the girls in the restaurant so we decided to give them a shot. They were delicious, every other time I have had crab claws they have been paired up with the trusty garlic butter so this was a nice change. The only thing is my nails were yellow after so I wouldn't recommend going for a mani earlier that day!

It is beginning to feel like Winter and it is so funny how your appetite changes and you just want comforting food. We ordered the whole chicken between the two of us, I loved how it came to the table in the roasting dish, it was the feeling of home without having to do the work yourself.

It came with a side of homemade yummy stuffing and rich and luscious gravy. I think if I had to pick my last meal a Sunday roast would definitely be top of my list!




By the time we got home it was dark, Winter really is setting in so apologies for the dark pictures but I loved this casual outfit. Jeans,blazer and a chic clutch, you can't go wrong. I will definitely be back to the Woollen Mills so if that's not a good recommendation, I don't know what is.

I hope you guys have a great say, thanks for reading.

Love BB xx


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