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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It is the weekend again and because I have been on a shoot this week I am only getting around to putting up this post now. Sunday is one of those days I love to relax and just enjoy, one of the usual things we do is go for brunch is Sunday was different, we were off to the zoo!Oh the excitement of this, I couldn't wait to see the much hyped baby giraffes and elephants and we had our fingers and toes crossed that the dark clouds would disappear and we would escape the rain.My memories of the zoo are from circa 1998 when there was a flurry of birthday parties and being honest I haven't been back since.

I have definitely noticed a drop in temperature in Dublin which makes me so sad, so it was mixed emotions taking this jacket out of the closet,  although I did think it was apt for the zoo mainly due its safari vibe! I threw on my trusty River Island snake skin slip ons, just to help me fit in a that little bit more in the reptile house!

I wanted to be warm and comfy so I threw on my new jeans and my Zara parka. This Longchamp bag is amazing for a more casual look or even the beach.

I loved this little building in the zoo and the ornate detail to it. It make me want to find out more about the Roberts and who they were.

I have always wanted to go on safari and this trip to the zoo made me think about going on a safari even more. I hope you guys have a great weekend and thanks for reading! 

Love BB xx

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