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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ox Blood Jeans

It is the 1st of October and Autumn is upon us. We can see a shift in the colours that we wear and will be wearing for the next few months. We bid farewell to the bright pieces of Summer 2014 and see the usual shades of black, brown and grey takeover our wardrobe. These classic colours will always feature in every Autumn / Winter collection as they are irreplaceable and classic, but it is great to introduce some colour into your wardrobe for the A/W season. At the top of my list are bottle green, all shades of brown especially those caramel tones, blush pink and the rich colour of ox blood. 


Monday, September 22, 2014

The Girl and The Goat!

Morning everyone, I hope you all had a fab weekend. I am still uploading photos from our trip and have a few to show you. Before heading off I must say I became a complete nerd and did my research on all the restaurants, bars and places we wanted to go. The wise thing to do I thought was to also ask a few friends who are, or have been locals for recommendations and The Girl and the Goat was a clear favourite for Chicago.

The menu was so interesting and we are definitely not afraid of trying new things, apart from snails which I don't think I could ever try but maybe I will surprise myself one day. You know me - mad about food that I was really hoping the restaurant would live up to the recommendations I had been given and read.


Friday, September 19, 2014

A Spot of Casual Sightseeing!

So when the New York trip came to an end I was a little sad but I was also excited to head off to Newark airport to board our plane for Chicago. We landed in Chicago and it has a completely different feel to it. We were both keen to head out and see what the windy city had to offer. We wandered around Chicago on our first day and it was noticeably colder than New York but still nice. Our hotel was just off Michigan Avenue and it was the perfect location. I knew I was in the right place when Louis Vuitton was on one corner  of our street and Chanel on the other. 

It is definitely more common for bloggers to share more dressy outfits, but I do like a good casual outfit and think a white tee & jeans is a combination that will never go out of fashion. I am all for throwing on a pair of heels with this type out outfit too but with so much walking around checking out a city I had never been to, flats were a must!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fun Day out in Central Park!

Happy hump day everyone - I am so happy that it is getting closer to the weekend. I have found that I need to drag myself out of bed this week and I am nearly getting dressed with my eyes closed, which is never a good thing! Jet lag, lack of sleep and days filled with activity have definitely caught up with me but it was well worth it. As we were only in New York for a few days we had a few things on the list that we wanted to do and one of them was go to Central park. We had organised a lunch in the boathouse and decided that we would take the boats out on the water and channel our inner Steve Redgrave. I must admit I didn't do a lot of the rowing but I did more than what Mr. expected although it took me a while to get the hang of it. As we looked around we couldn't help notice that all of the men were the ones exerting themselves while the ladies sat there enjoying themselves. We had to laugh! 


Monday, September 15, 2014

NYC - A Rooftop View!

So it is Monday and it is back to reality. I landed yesterday evening and I feel like a zombie while writing this but I am dying to share some of my pictures from our trip. First stop New York! It was my first time visiting the East Coast as all my previous trips through the years were to the West Coast. It was a serious eye opener and I immediately fell in love. The buzz, the vibe, the charisma is infectious and I am already looking at when I can return. Our hotel was in a great location in Tribeca and had this gorgeous rooftop where we spent most of our mornings eating breakfast and taking in the breathtaking views of the city.

We were heading out for dinner to the Meatpacking district so I decided I would throw on my ripped jeans and take a few snaps with this amazing Manhattan backdrop.


Friday, September 05, 2014

A good old pop up restuarant!

It is Friday and really probably my favourite day of the week! I love pop ups, whether it is a pop up shop, restaurant etc. Salt Lick is a small team who have decided to take over Hobarts cafe in Ranelagh for Friday and Saturday nights only. Each month it's menu is themed and when we went last Friday it was Diner month.


Thursday, September 04, 2014

Chicago by Boat!

Well it is Wednesday and it feels like it should be a Friday, I hate when your week is completely off like that. It is perhaps because I find myself wishing away each week for the weekend to arrive and time is flying by. How is it nearly October! I am dreaming of being back on holidays as the days get colder in Dublin and Winter gets nearer. The Architecture Boat Tour in Chicago is something I would definitely recommend, the day we went was a little on the chilly side and when I say that I thought my toes had turned to icicles but is the perfect way to see all of the architectural gems Chicago beholds.Before heading out on the boat we made sure to stock up on some good grub and we headed to the Little Goat Diner. It has that typical American Diner feel but with a modern twist.

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