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Friday, September 05, 2014

A good old pop up restuarant!

It is Friday and really probably my favourite day of the week! I love pop ups, whether it is a pop up shop, restaurant etc. Salt Lick is a small team who have decided to take over Hobarts cafe in Ranelagh for Friday and Saturday nights only. Each month it's menu is themed and when we went last Friday it was Diner month.

I knew not to expect anything fancy interior wise but it was a little too dark. I am all for candles and a romantic setting but I could hardly see my dinner date across the table. But that is really my only negative, the food came out and it was delicious. The menu is small but the grub is tasty.

We had wings to start and they were different form the usual wings. Honey glaze and a homemade hot sauce is always a good combinations. As it was diner month it was only fitting that sliders were served. I love sliders, different combinations and toppings gives you that little taste of everything.

I decided to try the sweetbread, prawn and braised rib sliders on offer and I was very happy with my choice. It is definitely not a healthy option for dinner but everyone loves diner food. Also these chips came out and they were piping hot, freshly drawn from the oil and a generous sprinkling of salt.

Another added bonus to this restaurant is the BYOB policy. We all know that it is usually the drinks that drive the cost of your bill up so being able to bring your own drink or bottle of wine is definitely very appealing.

The food was lovely but the setting needs a little bit more even if it is just a pop up.I hope you guys have a great day.

Love BB xx


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