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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blow-dry Heaven!

Since New York Fashion Week has kicked off and I am reminiscing about the big apple I wanted to share a post I never got around to sharing.The one thing that every girl loves is a blowdry. I had traveled half way across the world, fully organised with a hairdyer, curler and my Babyliss big hair and arrived to find out that none of them work. 

Firstly I thought, I need to sort this hair out and secondly, they took up valued space and weight in my luggage which could have been left for shopping. I decided I am in New York for 3 days I am getting a blow-dry. Every time I leave the hair salon I feel like a new woman and really think there is nothing better. 
I had been told by a friend about Drybar, I called them immediately and they were happy to help.It was love at first sight and once I was offered a glass of champagne as I waited to be seated I had completely bought into the experience.

As I was paroosing through the menu I sipped on my Bellini and decided on the Mai Tai Blow-dry. The smell of the products alone is divine.

Although I was barefaced and in casual clothes I couldn't have been happier with my blow-dry. I was relaxed, probably due to the few Bellinis I had and the insane head massage!
I skipped out the front door and I was ready to get organised for our dinner date. Before I left I had to buy the Triple Sec spray, the smell alone got me. It is 3 in 1 product and is simply magic in a bottle.

Hope you enjoyed.

Love BB xx

P.S This is the day I met the much loved Olivia Palermo - just wish I was a little more dressed up, at least my hair was looking DryBar Fabulous!

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