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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fun Day out in Central Park!

Happy hump day everyone - I am so happy that it is getting closer to the weekend. I have found that I need to drag myself out of bed this week and I am nearly getting dressed with my eyes closed, which is never a good thing! Jet lag, lack of sleep and days filled with activity have definitely caught up with me but it was well worth it. As we were only in New York for a few days we had a few things on the list that we wanted to do and one of them was go to Central park. We had organised a lunch in the boathouse and decided that we would take the boats out on the water and channel our inner Steve Redgrave. I must admit I didn't do a lot of the rowing but I did more than what Mr. expected although it took me a while to get the hang of it. As we looked around we couldn't help notice that all of the men were the ones exerting themselves while the ladies sat there enjoying themselves. We had to laugh! 

We decided to take the boats out before lunch to help work up our appetite and it was definitely the right thing to do. I wouldn't fancy getting on a boat with a full stomach and after a few tipples, once I heard there was water snakes I was definitely not risking falling in.

The day we picked was dry and warm and the sun popped in and out when it fancied it.I had bought this little dress from Sheinside and loved the colour. I thought it was the perfect outfit for being on the boats, I paired it with flats as we spent so much of our days walking around, heels were just not a feasible option. The high heels were left to the night time activities.

When we walked into the Boathouse I thought the setting was gorgeous and it was a little romantic if I do say so myself but the food wasn't amazing. In fact we were a little disappointed with it. I would definitely recommend people to go there and try it out for themselves but purely for the setting. They have opened up a nice little bar beside it which you could go for a drink to. I think this is where we will go next time and it would be my recommendation for you readers!

We left the boathouse and wandered around central park and the upper east side. Looking at all of these pictures is making me want to go back. Hope you guys enjoyed the post.

Outfit Details
Dress / Sheinside
Glasses / Rayban
Bag / Chanel
Shoes / Aldo

Love BB xx

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