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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Leopard Lovers!

Morning all, how was your weekend? Mine was filled with sheer piggery, we went from one food activity to the next and tonight I will be hitting the gym to try and burn it off. We tried out a new place for brunch in Dublin which I will be sharing with you but first a little on my outfit. Autumn is a time I love, not as much as Summer but I do love the different patterns and warm tones that the Autumn season brings. One thing I love is leopard print, it's not everyone's cup of tea and was largely associated with Bet Lynch from Coronation Street and that is not a compliment! It can look cheap and far from chic, the key point to make is that it only ever looks good in moderation. In my opinion the only time an overload of leopard is allowed is for Halloween when you are dressing up as a lady of the night!!

I got this scarf on Friday, I spotted it a mile away and I wasn't leaving the shop without it.  Paired with jeans and brown chelsea boots, it was a casual outfit and the scarf stole the show. Accessories can really change an outfit, do you guys agree?


I love this scarf, it is more like a throw and it is so cosy. This is the perfect leopard accessory for the A/W season.This Vivienne Westwood bag is also a great bag that can be worn for day and night and I think when you are investing in a bag you need to be bale to get the wear out of it.

It is great coming across new places and a friend of mine has walked by this place on her way to work for the last three weeks so we decided to give it a shot. Brunch has been something that I have always liked but I do appreciate all of the locations that are popping up around Dublin, it really shows that brunch is becoming more and more popular. Artisan Parlour is a new addition to Irish Town in Dublin 4. The interior is full of charm and the staff were all really friendly.

We got a selection from the menu and tried each of the dishes, sharing is caring and all of that! The food was tasty, I wasn't blown away by it but I would definitely go back. I loved the coffee,  which is such a vital thing for any restaurant.  I know coffee lovers who will try somewhere and the food could have been excellent but they wont go back as they need their coffee fix.

Have a fab day! 

Love BB xx



  1. Love the scarf- where did you get it?

  2. Hey missus, scarf is from Zara, picture and link are above! I love it xxx

    1. Well looks like I'll be making a trip to Zara tomorrow. Hope you're keeping well missus, must meet up some evening after work for a good old catch up x

    2. Definitely do, it is worth it, so soft and cosy! yes meet up in order.x


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