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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lobster in London

I now what you are all thinking, Lobster - well that's not going to be a cheap meal, but Burger and Lobster offer amazing food and the bill is not that crazy. London is known for being expensive but Dublin is really not that far behind it. You have to forget about the currency exchange when you are there and just enjoy it!
We wandered through Mayfair on a balmy Friday evening getting excited about what we were about to encounter. I had heard to get there early as you cannot book a table unless you are a large group and there is an average wait of about 45minutes, so we went down with the view of putting on our names on the list and grabbing a drink or two until our table was ready.

We opted to stay at the bar in B&L but next time we would definitiely whizz around the corner to another bar as it was that little bit too busy as people can also eat at the bar, it is not the ideal situation standing behind someone while they are eating their dinner. Once our table was ready we leapt up, drink in hand and followed our server.
While sipping away on the mojito I requested a bib like a child, well I did have to protect my new top but it was mostly because I wanted to wear the bib.

All of the staff were so friendly and attentive and there was a great buzz. Fresh crates of lobster whizzing by and meals being churned out like there was a strict military operation taking place in the kitchen.

The menu is simple with three dishes on offer, we both opted for the lobster roll and it was divine.

It comes with a side salad and fries and we enjoyed a few mojitos ;) just to quench our thirst!! 

Burger and Lobster  is a must when visiting London and it is due to open up in New York soon - I am in fact drooling while looking at this picture, it was beyond delicious.

Happy Hump Day!

Love BB xx

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