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Monday, October 20, 2014

London Day One!

A weekend in London is always something I love. Having lived there for just under a year after leaving University it gave me an opportunity to get to know London and I love going back as it is familiar but there is always so much to see and do. I made sure to get the early flight so that we got in just for time for brunch. After dropping off our bags we headed to the Wolseley to feast on eggs Benedict and have a good old catch up. It really is a British landmark in London for old school splendour, the interiors are breathtakingly gorgeous.

We opted for the small eggs Benedict as surprisingly neither of us were starving... but it was a little bit too small for our liking.

We had some room for desert so decided to check out the chocolate and praline slice which was very rich but the sweet ending that we needed before heading off for the day.

After brunch we wandered up Regent Street and did a spot of shopping, Friday is still busy but so much quieter than Saturday so it is the ideal day to wander.
I wanted to be dressed comfortable enough for flying and walking but still looking stylish and what says stylish more than fur (faux fur) this coat is definitely one of my favourite purchases of the year.
This was not my first time in The Wolseley but it is an experience I would definitely recommend, it is so sophisticated but the food did not blow me away. In my opinion you are going for the experience.

Have a fabulous day!

Love BB xx

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