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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ox Blood Jeans

It is the 1st of October and Autumn is upon us. We can see a shift in the colours that we wear and will be wearing for the next few months. We bid farewell to the bright pieces of Summer 2014 and see the usual shades of black, brown and grey takeover our wardrobe. These classic colours will always feature in every Autumn / Winter collection as they are irreplaceable and classic, but it is great to introduce some colour into your wardrobe for the A/W season. At the top of my list are bottle green, all shades of brown especially those caramel tones, blush pink and the rich colour of ox blood. 

This bag is divine but prepare yourself to be carrying around a  tonne of bricks on your shoulder. It is the heaviest bag I have and I always make sure to carry as little as possible as it is heavy enough empty so I don't wear it as much as I should.

I had a pair of these River Island shoes during the Summer and absolutely loved them, these are the snake skin version of them and I love them. I used to always wear converse but I think these are so much nicer and love how you can have so many different patterns. I have my eye on a few other pairs!

Bag /  Similar Shoes / Jeans

These jeans are a great way of updating an all black outfit. This is the type of outfit I find myself wearing a lot, it is casual enough to be walking around all day but still stylish. Flats are back!

I hope you guys have a fabulous day.

Love BB xx

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