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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pretty in Pink!

This is my last post from our weekend in London but I have already planned another trip, that's what happens when you go to London it always leaves you wanting more and I am so excited about going back for New Years. Bob Bob Ricard is a restaurant I had been meaning to try for I would say two years and eventually we tried it out. 

You guys will have seen this pic on instagram if you follow me - if you aren't following me yet check me out on @bluntblonde

I have been dying to wear this new coat from an Irish Boutique called Bowtique, I absolutely love it and it works so well with these Zara heels.

And yes I am sure you have all noticed by now, I am obsessed with these jeans .......

The evenings are gradually getting darker earlier as you can see from my pics.

After taking a few snaps we trotted off to Claridges for a pre-dinner cocktail, it is definitely one of my favourite hotels in London and as soon as you enter it is just exudes class and is such a treat to go there.

Bob Bob Ricards website alone is enough to encourage you to try it, the decor looks interesting and with an upscale dress code, one would expect an upscale crowd and that's definitely what we got. It is an uber fancy diner with booths which I really love, they are intimate but relaxed.

I ordered the scallops and Mr ordered the crab salad, I think mine was better :)

I loved how my outfit matched everything in there from the menus to the place settings and even the press for Champagne button!

We decided to treat ourselves and go all out and order the Beef Wellington and my god it was delicious, it says it is for two but definitely could feed three or even four. The meat was perfectly pink and the pastry was crisp enough and bursting of flavour.

Next on the list was a little treat to finish the meal off and the BBR signature chocolate glory had been eying me up from the minute I looked at the menu. 

What I especially loved with is was the theatre to it, the white gloved waiter delicately poured on the rich chocolate sauce until the bomb disintegrated into a gooey delicious mess.

All in all the night was fabulous and I will definitely return to Bob Bob Ricard, I might even wear pink again!


Love BB xx

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