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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Fall Staple

Hi Everyone, sorry for being so late with putting up a post this week. It has been a bit crazy, but this weekend I am heading to London so I am seriously excited. In the mean time I wanted to share this post with you. There are a few fall staples but at the top of everyone's list is a hat.

You have got to be a Queen to get away with a hat like that.
Anita Loos: 1925  Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
Image courtesy of Net-a-porter

They are the perfect accessory to add that little bit of drama to an outfit and can even help conceal a bad hair day. I feel that they really finish off an outfit and allow you have a little bit of fun with what you are wearing, it definitely is an injection of personality and style. One of my posts from last week even featured a hat! Check that post out here!

 My most loved are the fedora because that's what I feel suits me best but my sister is more of a wide brim floppy hat lover so it really depends on what you feel best in.


I am constantly adding to my hat collection and think that there are so many colours out there you have got to try them all. That being said, there are always colours that suit blondes better and the same goes for a brunette so you need to keep this in mind when purchasing. 

What is great about hats is that you can either invest in a designer hat but you don't have to as the high street shops are brimming with them. The above are a wide selection ranging from €25 - €790.

Enjoy ladies!

Love BB xx


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