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Monday, November 17, 2014


So it is officially Winter and it is time for the hats and scarves to come out and the official Christmas countdown is on. Everyone who knows me understands I have expensive taste but they equally know I love finding those gorgeous items at a reduced price and Kildare Village offers just that. Kildare Village had their annual Christmas event this weekend and we made sure to go down and see what they had on offer! Click Here to Read More

I wanted to be comfy and coming straight from work I was wearing an all black ensemble. Kildare Village is like a wind tunnel and you need to be well wrapped up so this Joseph black polo neck / turtle neck here was the perfect item to wear.

I must admit that Kildare Village like many other outlet stores is very much hit and miss, sometimes you can find gems and other times leave with your hands empty and your bank account intact.

This coat is an old coat but I still love it and think a black coat will never go out of fashion, this one is from Zara you can find similar one here 

Sweater //  Jeans  //  Hat // Boots

We did do a bit of damage but some of the pieces we got were a fraction of what they would normally cost. 

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

Love BB xx

P.S for all of you Kate Spade fans you will be happy to know they have just opened a store in K.Village :)
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