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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Clay Pigeon Shooting!

This weekend we had a girls trip to Kilkenny and although our plans mostly consisted of eating and drinking we had organized to go clay pigeon shooting which was so fun (they were all clays and no real birds were hit for all you vegetarians). We all got our tweed, Barbour's, chelsea boots and anything we thought that was clay shooting appropriate and headed off for the day. Read More


After a quick induction we each got a chance to fire a few shots. The advice we were given was to focus and think of someone you were not the biggest fan of which seemed to work for all of us!!

I was a little scared at first I am not going to lie but for a group of girls we did surprisingly well and hit a right few.

As you can see the fedora hat was a big hit for the group...

The views were breathtakingly gorgeous and such a fabulous setting for spending most of our day.

We had such fun and I would definitely do it again, being out in the fresh air also helped brush off the cobwebs from the late night before. 


Kilkenny part two is to follow....

Have a great day! 

Love BB xx

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