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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Healthy Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips is an all time favourite of mine and is something that is so comforting but is not all that healthy. I wanted to look at a healthier version of fish and chips and it turned out quite well for my first go.Click Here to Read More

I always love finding recipes that can be done quickly, this is especially important for people who are coming home form work and are just not in the mood to cook up a storm. I am one for watching cookery shows mostly Jamie's 15 minute meals or Gordon Ramsay and think it's the best way to pick up some tips for the kitchen.

This is quick and relatively a cheap dinner to make

- 2 x cod fillets skinned and deboned
- bread crumbs
- Fresh Dill
- 1 x free range egg
- Sweet Potatoes 

Prepare your dill crumb in advance, whip your egg and have your flour in a bowl. I like to set it all up so its ready to go. Dip the medallions of cod into the flour, then the coat in the egg and roll it generously in the crumb. How I remember the correct order for all of the steps is to say FEC - another little learning from my dad.

Tip* It's so important to season the bread crumbs with both salt and pepper before rolling the medallions.

Have the oil piping hot and cook small batches of them, I know it seems easier but dumping them all in at once means the temperature drops and you don't get that delicious crispy crumb.

Usually it is Tartare sauce which is paired with fish but I wanted to try something new and tried a Salsa Verde mayonnaise. 

For the Sauce
2 x tbsp of mayonnaise
1 x tbsp Salsa Verde
A squeeze of lemon
Salt and Pepper

Tip* For a successful sauce you must taste as you go to make sure you get the balance right.

Serve with a wedge of lemon and you are ready to go! These are also perfect bites for serving for Christmas canapes.


Love BB xx
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