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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch


As promised Kilkenny Part Two is here, I must admit this change in weather has me feeling a little run down that is also probably due to the lack of sleep over the weekend but looking at these pictures cheers me up. After spending most of our morning in the forest all of us were a little cold with numb feet and looking for somewhere to warm up and relax and where is better than in a gorgeous hotel with a fabulous setting.Read more

We were warmly welcomed by a lovely man called Des and blazing fires.


We set ourselves up in the bar as we paroosed through the menu and got increasingly excited about the food order we placed.

One of my friends has a small but healthy obsession for Afternoon tea and this made her Saturday extra special.

We all tried a little but I ordered the fresh ham sandwich with apricot chutney and a curried cauliflower soup. It was exactly what the Doctor ordered and I like that it wasn't your average ham and soup combo.

On our way out I couldn't but stop and take a snap of these guys who were loving life...


The setting is just stunning and as the sun began to set we all drove out the gate singing after such a memorable day.

Love BB xx

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