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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Multicolour Tweed

There is nothing quite like a Winter coat and as we wear them from October to March they are definitely worth the investment. This coat is absolutely fab and is perfect for general day wear but I thought it was especially fitting for some Winter Horse racing. It is a classic cut but I have mixed it with my on trend ripped jeans and this racing green top from Zara which I love.

All of the colours are amazing and it really is a nice change from the classic black or camel coats which are everywhere at the minute. This is and old Kenzo coat but I have found similar ones here here and here for you guys to check out. I also like how there are so many colours in it and that you could really wear it with anything.

A Fedora hat is the perfect accessory to any outfit but I really feel like it finished this one off. I don't know about you guys but I feel great when wearing one and it gives me extra confidence, don't ask me why as I don't know and I have continued wearing them although I have been called several names. Such as Indiana Jones and Michael Jackson, trust me the list goes one!

I hope you guys have a great day and liked the post.

Love BB xx

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