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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Sweet Side of Life

I am really more of a savoury girl but occasionally love to tuck into some of the sweeter things in life and wanted to try Scrumdiddlys  since the Summer. So we eventually got out to try it, I love all of the colours they have used as you really get that Willy Wonka feel as you enter. The place was filled to the brim with kids who were so excited to be there. The sweet selection is immense, as you can see from my pictures! Click here to Read More

This is probably a dreamland for little kids, I remember how much I used to love spending 20p and getting so many penny sweets as a child and Scrumdiddlys definitely gives that experience. It combines ice-cream with any topping you can imagine from jellies, to popping candy and every sauce possible.


The cons of the place are that it really is more of a To Go style and is probably handiest for people who live in the area ,they serve crepes but there is only 4 seats in the place so they are like gold dust otherwise you are faced with eating a crepe on the go which is not ideal.


The hot chocolate was very tasty and I will definitely go back for one of those!

 I love this quote they had up on the wall!

This is the perfect spot for a fun day with kids but I wont be racing back maybe until the weather gets a bit warmer and we can buy to go but for a fun and inexpensive outing this is definitely worth trying.

Have a good day and thanks for reading.

Love BB xx

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