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Monday, December 22, 2014

Baileys Hot Chocolate!

This time of year everyone seems to be drinking hot chocolate and I wanted to get in on the action. This is ideal if you are having a party or just relaxing at home. It is sure to make you cosy and a little bit merry! Join in on this chocolatey goodness.

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This Baileys Hot Chocolate is absolutely delicious and so easy to make but it is not the best for your waistline but hey it's Christmas it's time to enjoy yourself. 

What you will need to make these:

- 2 x cups of milk (I used Glenisk organic whole milk)
- 5 x tbsp of Fair Trade cocoa powder (I like it extra chocolatey)
- A good drop of Baileys Irish Cream
- A dollop of whipped cream
- Miniature Marshmallows

Heat the milk on a low heat - once hot enough, add your cocoa powder.

Stir until it is completely smooth and luscious, now it's time for the magic ingredient, poor an "Irish" amount of Baileys in and stir gently to make sure it is fully infused.

I think that presentation is key and thought that serving them in a little bottle is the nicest way to do it.

I picked up a few small glass bottles, red velvet ribbon and green straws. All in keeping with the festive colours.

Get ready in advance and have your bottles ready to fill up with this stream of chocolatey goodness! I also worked up a jar of hot chocolate mix to give as a DIY prezzie. Add a dollop of whipped cream and the marshmallows to finish it off.

Now it is time to serve - mmmmm...... it is so tasty as I slurp it down!


Love BB xx

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