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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

National Print Museum - Christmas Fair

I am a sucker for all things Christmassy and a Christmas Fair is right up my alley. We heeded off on Saturday to the National Print Museum to their annual Christmas Fair to get in the Christmas spirit. Click Here to Read More


It is funny that when you go away on holidays you go to museums and check out all of the tourist attractions but when it is in your own country you kind of forget about it. I had never been in the print museum and had always been intrigued by the entrance on Haddington Road.

On entering you see the large printing machines which are in impeccable condition and most of them still work.

You can't help but be interested in the history due to the insight into the process of printing and the amount of work that went into it before we went digital. The picture above shows one page of a newspaper, each letter printed individually and laid out as above.  All I can say is they must have been extremely patient back in those times.

We went from that to looking at all the goodies the fair had to offer. From soaps and candles to delicious chutneys and jams and all Irish made.

These types of fairs are the perfect place for picking up something different for your loved ones. They had beautiful prints and cards on offers as well which were so simple but lovely.

Unfortunately this fair is over but these types of fairs are perfect for a day out especially during the run up to Christmas. These are happening all over the country over the coming weeks - see the link below for a few options to choose from.

Christmas Fairs and Markets

I hope you enjoyed!

Love BB xx

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