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Monday, December 01, 2014

Window Shopping

Once the Christmas windows are revealed the magic of Christmas begins. I love seeing all of the Christmas Windows and have a few favourites this year. Avoca on Suffolk Street is definitely one at the top of my list. They have gone for a classic whimsical look with traditional style lampposts and bright red boxes being delivered by a classic bike. 

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I was so excited as I got to take my Stuart Weitzmans out for their maiden voyage! I am absolutely and utterly obsessed with them.

I also like the cute little owl they have perched in the window!

For a potter around town it's important to be comfortable - I am all for looking fabulous but people who wear heels going shopping have to be a bit mad! You need to be comfy and now that the weather has gotten a little colder you need to be well wrapped up.

Have a great week!

Love BB xx

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