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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Borough Market

As you all know by now, I am a serious foodie! Yes, that word is over used, but I can't think of anything else that describes my innate interest in food any better. 

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I love trying new things and when I lived in London I loved going to the Borough market, you would see and try foods that you cannot get in your local supermarket and this to me is amazing. 

I of course headed back during my trip and decided to take a few snaps to share with you guys.

 I will start with the savoury and move onto the sweet .....

If you are a cheese lover this is like heaven, everywhere you look there are barrels and barrels of cheese, some of the biggest I have ever seen. You cannot help but follow the whiff of cheese to see what is on offer.

Just look at that fruit and veg - not exactly what you will see in your local Tesco now is it.

The great thing is you can do some R&D (research and development) also known as tasting before you buy which is the best way to get people to buy into your product.

Every type of sausage is available and I loved how they were presented.

I cant even begin to describe how happy truffle oil makes me but I did make a bottle or two and made sure they came home in my carry on!

I definitely prefer white truffle oil although it is highly objective.Sniffing the truffle may put some people off, well it does grow in unsavoury conditions but it is an ingredient which is just beautiful that you need to try it. 

Midway through our ramble we had to tuck into a proper plate of food, you mostly eat on the hoof in the market but we found this quaint little stand serving up all types of baps but they weren't your regular bacon baps - we both opted for the Wild Game Sausage. 

I had mine with a side salad dressed in beautiful olive oil and a homemade mayo.So simple but you cant just tell the ingredients are all top class!

Now for something sweet........

The biggest meringues and cookies I have ever seen.

Some homemade truffles and chocolate hit the spot!

If you are looking for something sweet but not a baked good then there is a huge array of juices that you can choose from instead.

I am already excited about my trip back!

Love BB xx

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