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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sushi & Chats

I have been finding it increasingly difficult to meet friends over the last while, purely due to conflicting schedules and busy lives. It is great meeting in larger groups when you get to catch up with a few people, but you just cant beat one on one time. 

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Neither of us wanted to cook but are determined to be a little big healthier in 2015 so we thought Sushi was a good choice.

We went for sushi & chats!!!

Both fans of green tea, we were quite excited and also being very well behaved and sticking to dry January which was an accomplishment in itself. The downside was that it was matcha tea which wasn't made properly, it should have been whisked I am told - Keara is full of wisdom!

We had a mix of hot and cold - after all it was bloody freezing out and it took us a while to take off our coats even when we sat down.

Michie Sushi in Ranelagh is not somewhere that's oh so romantic or a beautiful room but the sushi is made to order and is absolutely delicious.

Hope you enjoyed.

Love BB xx
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