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Monday, February 02, 2015

A Tasting Brunch

A tasting menu is definitely something that I love, I definitely think it is my favourite way of eating. You will try combinations of food you would never put together and I think it gives the kitchen a license to think outside of the box and do what they do best.

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Brunch has always been a weekend staple for me so marrying brunch with a tasting menu was one that I had to try. I have already shared my post for dinner in Forest Avenue and now I want to share my brunch experience.

We started off with coffee and eclairs - now they were beautiful but we did find it a little strange that this is what we started with, they perhaps would be better being served as petit fours at the end of our meal. The granola was one I was looking forward to as it is something I love. The tiny pieces of apple added that bang of juiciness that was just divine.

After the granola we decided it was time to move on from the coffee to a glass of something a little bolder and more fun, served in these old school champagne saucers!

Next up was a sausage roll, but not your average sausage roll. I loved the presentation of this plate, the perfectly cooked egg and the pickled cabbage were the best accompaniment to the dish. 

Now for the main act of the show .... the Lamb Toretillini! 

Every single bite of this was delicious, I would have been happy just getting this to be honest.

Seasoned perfectly and oozing full of flavour this lamb tortellini was the clear winner. We all wanted more but this was just a clear case of eyes being too big for our belly. Writing this I am even drooling!

We finished with a rice pudding, not usually something I would order from the desert menu but it was nice although a little too heavy after all we that we ate.

For all of you foodies and people wanting a little something different Forest avenue brunch is definitely worth a try.

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Have a great day.

Love BB xx

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