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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New York's Best Lobster Roll!

The fact that New York Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow has me reminiscing about my trip in September and I came across loads of posts I never shared with you guys. Perhaps it was due to the shock / sheer disappointment of the trip being over, or the fact that I thought I was overloading the blog with posts from our trip but I have one or two more to share that I think you will like. Of course food is involved - it wouldn't be me if that wasn't the case!

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This restaurant is in the meatpacking district and I have to say this area is one of my favourite parts of Manhattan. Catch is a trendy romantic restaurant with a gorgeous outside lounge area which is ideal for a drink before or after dinner, or both if you are feeling cheeky!

The servers are all beautiful and the vibe is very Sex and the City although relaxed, so be sure to put your glad rags on but in a I didn't make too much of an effort kind of way; although the getting ready process took two hours. To start we had some pretzel bread topped with clusters of rock salt and a mustard butter which was moreish!

We kicked off with the fish tacos as our first course, it is a place where you can definitely share most of the plates and we took advantage of this. Packed full of flavour they were a good start.

Lobster rolls are something that I am a huge huge fan of, but lobster in general is a serious treat for me. I had heard these were good so I threw them into the mix and boy am I glad I did! They tasted so unbelievably good I cant even tell you how much I am drooling while remembering each and every single bite. It was a dish that I didn't want to end.

Our tummy's were near explosion after our mains that we didn't have desert, I know it is sacrilegious but we opted for another cocktail instead so I think that makes up for it. This place is a definite must for anyone planning a trip to New York, but book in advance!

Link for Catch

Have a good week.

Love BB xx
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