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Monday, February 16, 2015

Pancake Tuesday!

Ahead of pancake Tuesday I have tried and tested two pancake recipes, which I am going to share with you. One is the healthy option and one is the not so healthy option so it is up to you and how bold you are feeling. Pancake Tuesday was a religious event in my family growing up and is one I want to keep going.

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These Banana pancakes are flour free and butter free and simply made with two main ingredients. I have to be honest and say I found this recipe on pinterest and it is one I have been meaning to try for a while.


3 ripe smallish bananas
2 eggs
Good Dash of Cinnamon 
Half teaspoon of baking powder
Maple Syrup or Agave Honey
Fresh Fruit

Mash the bananas up and mix in the eggs. This is all done by hand easily and no mixer is needed. Next in is the cinnamon and baking powder, banana and cinnamon is such a good mix that we used quite a bit. Make sure the pan is hot but not too hot, you can use butter or coconut oil. It took us a while to get the mixture right but we got there in the end.

You can add the blueberries to the pancake batter, but I found this made it more difficult to flip them so I added the fruit once they were cooked and they tasted just as good.

We also did a normal pancake mix for all of you who are not on the healthy buzz but also included fruit, to help with your five a day!


2 eggs
Milk (you can use water to thin mix out)

As I am sure you all know, it is better to make this mix the night before, hence why I am sharing this post today. It gives you time to get your ingredients for the healthy banana pancakes or make your pancake batter mix.

If you are having people over it is nice to have all of the toppings out for people to make their own masterpiece, that is also part of the fun. We tried to keep it a little healthy with fruit as our toppings but you can use anything. As you can see we couldn't resist drowning the pancakes in maple syrup.

I hope you guys have a great pancake Tuesday.

Love BB 


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