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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Breakfast Club

Every time I am in London I like to try somewhere new and when my friend recommended the Breakfast Club we said we would try it. We decided to go the Angel branch and as we had expected there was a long queue waiting for us. We grabbed a coffee to keep our hands warm and keep us fully alert for the movement of the queue. 

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You need to be well wrapped up and be prepared to wait for your table to go here, I am told there is a queue at all times of the day which I find a bit baffling to be honest. Waiting at the door kind of like people begging to get in is not really my thing, but in any case we stuck it out

We had a good goo at the menu and ordered a lot of food! After all, we were stocking up for the day.When the food came out we were all happy we persisted despite freezing faces and icicles for fingers.

The Huevos rancheros is a meal fit for a King or Queen, it is massive but it was a huge success.

I decided to go for the pulled pork, I just wasn't in the humour for eggs and it was unbelievable. The slaw was just perfect and being honest I didn't even eat the bun and my stomach was about to explode.

We decided to get a jug of something and although it is not Summer we went for a pitcher of Pimms which went down a treat.

The eggs Benedict was swimming in Hollandaise. I am a huge fan of Hollandaise but this was over kill!

Of course one of us went for a fry, would you believe this is the half monty and there is a full monty available. Whoever can get through a bigger version of this deserves a medal.

This is a quirky spot and I liked it! 

Have a great day.

Love BB xx

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