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Monday, February 09, 2015

These Boots!

When I love something, I really love them and these boots I love. I have always been a huge fan of this pony skin look and when I tried these boots on they fitted like a glove, so I wasn't leaving them behind. They were also on sale, so lets just say it was a sign! 

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This is the type of outfit I wear on a daily basis and think it will always be a winning combination of comfy and chic.This grey beanie from H&M has barely been off my head since I bough it last week. Similar here!

Similar boots can be found here!

It is still bloody freezing in Dublin but the sun has been making more of an appearance, I can reassure you it is being welcomed with open arms.

It turns out my family have the same taste and now three of us have these boots in our wardrobes. This was complete coincidence, so it just shows that your family do rub off on you even though you are all individual and that we all have similar(ish) taste.

Have a great week!

Love BB xx

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