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Monday, March 30, 2015


Fire is somewhere we went for our first date and we hadn't been back in 5 years so we decided to try it again last weekend. It is a fab location on Dublin's Dawson street and in a beautiful setting with the Mansion House in view. We started the night off with a few cocktails which went down a treat. Any cocktails with fresh raspberries and I am there with bells on. 

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My memory of the place was that the food was tasty so I was looking forward to dinner!

The starters came out and both lacked in seasoning and wasn't as good as I remembered, perhaps I had built it up. The prawn dish is meant to be their specialty but it was soaked in marie rose sauce. 

I opted for the beef carpaccio which was the better choice but still didn't pack that punch of flavour that it should, all of the ingredients were on the plate but the taste wasn't there but the smell of truffle oil was infectious.

The mains came out and the lamb was cooked well and nice and pink. This was definitely better than our starters and the side of dauphinoise was lovely and tasty and the presentation of the dish was nice.

We were slightly disappointed and to be honest it is one thing that I find hard to do and that is to pay for a meal that you didn't really enjoy. Both being serious foodies perhaps our tastes have changed over the last few years but it just wasn't up to par and it was pricey. What I took out of it,is that Dublin has changed, there are so many places to eat that deliver on excellent food at a good price point so there is now more than ever serious competition.

That being said it was a nice trip down memory lane and the service was good and the staff very nice. I will definitely be back for a cocktail!

Love BB xx

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