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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Sketch - Afternoon Tea

If you want to go somewhere seriously pink and an experience you wont forget, then Sketch Parlour for afternoon tea in London is to be placed on your bucket list immediately!

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I had been to Sketch for dinner but never for Afternoon Tea. More often than not I am in London with my love so afternoon tea is not something I would be dragging him to (although there were a few couples there). I think afternoon tea is a girls only outing! It is all very civilized and a stark contrast to the night before. We all enjoy the cuteness of the bite size pieces and pretending we are uber ladylike with our fine bone china tea cups.

We all had been out the night before and were not in the mood for a hair of the dog, although I was tempted for a short moment. We did the sensible thing and all ordered tea. You can get your average tea and every other one imaginable. I opted for Jasmine tea as it is one of my favourites, but my friend got rosebud tea, and look how cute it is.

Depending on how hungry you feel you can order either the full shebang or else the hot scones with clotted cream and jam which are served hot. The smell of fresh baked goods is in the air and we are all lapping it up. I of course opted for the whole shebang!!!

We all tucked in and may have ordered a few more of the mini croq monsieurs which were irresistible. Crunchy, cheesy goodness all wrapped up in parchment paper and a yellow bow.

I love tasting each one and working my way up to the top of the plate. After each morsel was devoured we all sat back with a sigh and content tummy's.

Now I couldn't do a post without sharing the toilets with you, not something I would ever do in a food post as they don't really go hand in hand but when they look like this it would be a mistake to not show you. Each toilet is an individual egg.

I will definitely be returning to Sketch Mayfair and tucking into some afternoon tea very shortly.

Have a lovely day!

Love BB xx
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