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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Blooms!

Sometimes I think I should have been alive in the 60s and lived as a hippy. The time when flower power was everything and Brigitte Bardots hair was amazing. What can I say flowers bring me happiness! So any time I see a cute little flower shop, I have to stop and have a browse. This is a casual outfit I wore over the weekend and I am just happy that the sun is out and we can nearly start to put some of our Winter clothes away.

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This leather jacket is a great colour for Spring and goes with most outfits. I can't wait to start wearing it with some dresses as I have been living in jeans for the past few months.

Blue hydrangeas are a burst of colour and are some of my favourite flowers.

I was obsessed with plimsolls last Summer and also love them again this year. They are dressier than converse and so comfortable. These are a pair of light blue plimsolls from River Island.

A tweed bag is a great addition to any wardrobe, the numerous colours used allows you to team it up with any outfit, it is also very Chanel esque but a fraction of the price.

Have a great week ladies.

Love BB xx

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