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Friday, April 24, 2015

An Eggcellent Brunch in Sister Sadies!

Nowhere is better then home when the sun is out, I love eating al fresco and with this warmer weather we did just that and had brunch outside over the weekend. This place is within walking distance to our place so it is nice and handy but also super tasty!

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We were both starving and a little hungover so we wanted a little bit of everything from the menu. We decided on the bircher muesli to share.

I am one of those weird people who craves fruit and healthy food when I am hungover rather than the usual greasy stuff and this hit the spot.

I of course ordered a hair of the dog, nothing better to beat the old hangover and who would ever say no to a bellini?

The potato and chroizo salad was my choice for mains and once that gooey egg was set free, I tucked in and demolished the whole lot. It was eggcellent of course!

I will definitely be trying to recreate this at home one morning...

My better half went for the beans and eggs with a side of chroizo which he couldn't wait to throw in obviously, the hanger was about to set in!

I did take a peek at the sweet stuff but didn't sample unfortunately, don't worry I will be back.

We both sat and chilled in the sun and then waddled home like most would after a good feed.

If you haven't checked out Sister Sadie you need to.

Have a great weekend.

Love BB xx

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