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Sunday, April 19, 2015

London Part Three - Eating & Drinking

You know me and food, I couldn't go to London and not try somewhere new to eat and to drink, that for me is the fun part of adventuring around a city. I am a serious shellfish fanatic and anywhere there is lobster, I am there!

Smack Deli is part of the ever popular Burger & Lobster family which I am obsessed with. I wanted to have a look around the shops and wanted somewhere casual I could sit outside and people watch, I was on my own after all and this little gem ticked all of the boxes.

I placed my order and waited for my buzzer to buzz, waaahey there's my lobster in a box with fresh courgette fries.

If you are not up for a bit of work before you can eat then go with the lobster roll rather than the whole lobster.

I so badly wanted the lobster roll, but I am trying to cut out wheat at the minute which is super hard when there is a Lobster Roll in sight.

The beer from the bath tub looked pretty good but I opted for a glass of vino.

After attending another event I had a bit of time to kill before heading back to the airport and decided to end the fantastic day I had in style.

I headed to the Ritz Hotel for a cocktail.

I ended up having two and went on my merry way home as a very happy bunny.

Have a great week one and all.

Love BB xx

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