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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Flowers, Food & Fun!

I know I always say it but Ireland on a good day is just magical. We had a girls day out planned for ages and the weather was in our favour. Make yourself a nice coffee before reading as this post is picture heavy :) 

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We headed for Avoca in Wicklow with nothing but excitement. When the sun shines you cant help but be in great form.

The flower shop outside is one of the cutest things I have seen.

This is the best place for a day out especially for foodies, you can browse and taste as we did.

I love how they have the butchers on show.

This Valrhona chocolate is so so good...

After having a good look around we headed for a spot of lunch in the Fernhouse. This is a beautiful conservatory with large sash windows from floor to ceiling, traditional checkered floor and whimsical interior.

A spot of bubbly with fresh berries is always a good idea!

We ordered a few dishes and tried them all. The seafood platter is amazing and the salads are jaw droppingly gorgeous.

After demolishing all that was served we retired to the terrace to have an elderflower Bellini in the sun, pure bliss!

For all of you International followers this is somewhere you need to come and see when visiting Ireland.

Have a great day.

Love BB xx
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