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Friday, June 26, 2015

Hallys For Brunch!

You know I always like to try somewhere new especially in different cities so we headed to Hallys in Parsons Green. One of my favourite parts of London. We were all ravenous after being out the night before so we were looking forward to getting some grub.

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The atmosphere was buzzy and the decor is something that you would see in California. We didn't have to wait long for a table which was great. 

After having a quick glance at the menu we all ordered something different for a change and I was the only one who opted for an alcoholic beverage. I was on my holliers after all!

The food was all presented really well but lacked in yumminess (is that a word)

Unfortunately we were a little disappointed with the food and the service. The waiter it seemed was having a bad day. I liked my salad but it was nothing amazing but the other girls seemed a little less impressed than I was. The mojito was good, maybe thats what made me that bit happier.

The cakes and coffee looked very good, so I think my next time around I will stick to that.

Love BB xx

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