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Monday, June 22, 2015

Royal Ascot!

Morning everyone, I am like a child writing this, I had the best weekend in London but my first encounter with Royal Ascot was just amazing and a very memorable day. It was such an experience that it is now going to be in my diary every year, I would love to make it an annual trip.

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I got up early to get ready and we headed to Waterloo to hop on the Ascot express. The sun was shining when we arrived and the atmosphere was amazing.

My outfit was something I had planned well in advance and absolutely loved. I wanted to wear bright colours and think that red and blue work really well together. 

The boys looking dapper!

My headpiece is from an Irish Milliner called Sophie Hunter and I got so many compliments for this headpiece. Ascot is osmehwere where you can get away with wacky pieces and i thought this was a real show stopper. Check out Sophies page here to wear something different for all the upcoming race meetings in Ireland such as the Derby or Galway races.

The great news is that the rest of my outfit is now on sale, this upsets me just a little bit :( but it is great to share such gorgeous pieces that are well priced.

After a full day racing we headed to a boot party for more eating and drinking, well we did need to refuel after a long day! This is where I bumped into the gorgeous actress Bo Derek.

Loads more posts to share from my weekend coming up this week.

Thanks for reading!

Love BB xx
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