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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Perfect Daisy Dukes!

Sometimes you just can't beat a casual outfit and what is better then a white top and denim shorts combination.

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Like all blogger, I love a good setting and Putney Bridge was one I couldn't walk over without taking a few snaps.

I know I know, you guys have seen these espadrilles so much, but I suppose when you love something and they are unbelievably comfortable it is hard to take them off. 

Denim shorts for me are hit and miss, probably because I am not a leggy 5ft 7 model, instead I am a petite 5'3 with my Dads legs with a powerful set of calves. After trying on numerous pairs these ones from H&M had to come home with me. I love the wash and the rips and they're so comfy.

Have a great day everyone.

Love BB xx

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