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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

My first Crossfit Workout!

Guys I am sharing my first fitness post on the blog today, not something I plan on doing a lot but my first crossfit class was worth sharing. There has been so much hype about this workout I had to try it out myself.

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We started off with a warm up of scorpion twists, something that looks like a duck waddle and over head arm rotations to loosen up the shoulders. 

I am wearing Lululu Lemon pieces that are available in Crossfit Green. I especially love the sports bra.

We then moved onto squatting, with some instruction and tweaks to my squat from the instructor Dave the difference was unbelievable.

It is all about getting the form right.

We did three sets of squats going up by 5 kilos each time. I was shocked that Dave got me up to 30 kilos on my first day. 

Next was the conditioning - this was the part I was dreading. It is called 24s and it is very tough. 24 kettle bell swings (10kilo) and 24 box jumps. 

Guys if you want a serious workout head to Crossfit Green up in Sandyford. Check out their website here! trust me I was like a tomato leaving! 

Plus they are the only stockists in Ireland of LuLu Lemon Athletica gear, that's right ladies you heard me right :) 


Love BB xx

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