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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oh Taco Taco!

Firstly I have to admit that I do not have an undying love for Mexican food but I do love a good taco every now and then. We strolled into town last Friday evening excited to try somewhere new and headed straight for Taco Taco, to our surprise we got seated pretty promptly although the place was buzzing.
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First stop was the cocktail menu of course, why would you have it any other way.....

Our starters were a little slow to come out and we were both ravenous so it felt like an eternity.
Once the plates hit the table we tucked into Crab tacos and crispy calamari.

Chilli beef nachos was one of the mains we ordered but it was way too spicy for me... I know I am a wuss!
The Jamican jerk chicken was what I went for and it was well worth it although a gigantic portion, which I failed to finish.
We took a nice long pause before looking at the desert menu but I was dying to try the peanut butter ice cream with toffee popcorn.
It was insanely yum! Such a bizarre combo but it worked.
Taco Taco is definitely worth trying - I loved how it was so casual and had a great atmosphere.My eyes were definitely too big for my belly and next time I visit two starters will be enough for me.

Love BB xx

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