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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Suesey Street - A Meal to Remember!

Morning everyone, I am sharing a new-ish restaurant with you today with an amazing Summer terrace. It is a restaurant in Dublin that I had been to before and they have done a whole revamp of the place with plush interiors and a trendy cocktail bar. 

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As we sat out on the terrace we could have been anywhere in the world and a mojito was my cocktail of choice.

A little beef tartare to start with some tarragon mustard.
Scallop mouse with girolles was what I went for and it was delicious but I have to say I had food envy over the foie gras.
The presentation was superb but my god the flavours were incredible and the tiny little homemade brioche bun went down a treat.
Reading through the menu the duck caught my eye for my main.Served with almonds and carrots and cooked perfectly pink, it was a dish to remember. There were clean plates all round.
Although we all had our fill it would have been rude to not try something from the desert menu.
We opted for something sweet and something savoury to share between the three of us.The cheese board was insanely good that we just may have ordered a second one.

The food was always very good so I was looking forward to see if the standard was the same and I have to say it was one of the best meals I have had in a while and my dining partners agreed.The staff are so friendly and attentive without being overbearing. We sat out on the terrace for the entire evening where there was a great atmosphere and a night to remember.

Love BB xx

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