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Friday, September 04, 2015

Lunch French Style!

On holidays we found we always wanted a selection of pickies. Particularly around 1 o'clock we yearned for some shade beneth the umbrella and our tummies grumbled. A selection of meats, cheese, fresh salad and a baguette from the local boulangerie ticked all of the boxes.

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The bread in France is so crunchy and fluffy that it is unbelievably irresistible.
Bandol had a fresh food market everyday where they had anything and everything available.

Of course we had a glass of vino or two over lunch, although we were quite behaved and didn't do that everyday!
Olives are definitely one of my favourite snacks and the selection at the market was amazing.
We tucked in poolside!Trust me, it was as delicious as it looked.

Love BB xx
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